Welcome to the Mayfield Advanced Medical Blog

Our plan for this blog is to be one more area that you, whether you are a patient or not, can benefit from our practice. We have thought for a long time about what we want this blog to be. Here are some of the themes that we plan to cover.

Education is the best medicine

This is one of our favorite sayings at Mayfield Advanced Medical. We believe that a person who is informed about his or her body will be a better human being. Being better educated about your body will help you learn not only how to recover from pain, illness, or injury, but also how to prevent these problems in the future. Teach a person to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime!

How to navigate the vast expanse of information

Looking for health advice on the internet can be like trying to pick out a new shampoo. You go to the shampoo aisle and are bombarded with hundreds of different brands and varieties. It becomes an overwhelm of information. Where do you even start? And that’s just shampoo. You still have to choose a toothpaste, a toothbrush, mouthwash, hair products, and a moisturizer. Once you have all that, you’re only done with toiletries and you haven’t even got to food yet!

Our hope with this blog is to curate for you beneficial information to simplify the mountain of “facts”, ideas, and opinions so you can spend less time researching and more time enjoying life.

How to take a holistic and integrative approach to your health

As an integrative (medical, chiropractic, and rehabilitation all working together) clinic, we treat a wide range of conditions. We treat conditions that are considered to be purely musculoskeletal such as sprains, strains, disc injuries, and joint pain. We also treat conditions considered to be more in realm of internal medicine, such as hormone imbalances, autoimmune diseases, metabolic conditions, and others.

In reality, these two categories cannot be fully separated from one another. The mental side of things must also be considered. It is our hope with this blog to educate you and how to take an integrated and holistic view of your health. Symptoms do not exist in a vacuum, everything is connected. To achieve the optimum level of health, one must zoom out and look at the whole body.

The Big Picture

We treat patients not just to they can be pain or symptom free. We treat patients not just so they can be healthier. We treat patients for these reasons, but also (and more importantly) so that they can do other things better. Whether this means a better athlete, parent, business owner, homemaker, spouse or overall human being, our hope with this blog is to help you achieve those goals as well. One of our favorite things to see in our patients is when they take their newly found or re-discovered health and use it to achieve something in their lives that is important to them. Whether this is some athletic achievement, exercise goal, a trip they’ve always wanted to take, or simply being able to pick up grandchildren again, we enjoy seeing our patients taking the information we have taught them and use it to achieve something greater.

We hope that you find something that is valuable on our blog. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, reach out on Facebook or Instagram.

We treat the entire body as a whole, and do not believe that you can successfully treat any form of pain or disease without taking the whole person into account.

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