Being overweight puts you at an increased risk of developing serious, chronic health conditions, including Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It also puts you at a higher risk of arthritis, back pain, depression, sleep apnea, and stroke. Infertility and reduced quality of life are also associated with being overweight or obese.

At Mayfield Advanced Medical, the providers oversee the weight-loss program. They develop a nutrition program and offer exercise guidance to help you achieve your goals. You’ll receive behavioral support and education on achieving a healthy weight, too.

Invisa-RED® Weight Loss

What is Invisa-RED®?

Although traditional diet and exercise strategies can help you lose weight, some stubborn areas just won’t slim down. Invisa-RED is a targeted slimming device that accelerates weight reduction when combined with exercise and low-calorie eating.

This machine uses a combination of frequencies from red and infrared laser light energy to penetrate your fat tissue up to a depth of 40 millimeters — much deeper than many competing body-slimming devices. The energy shrinks the cells within your fat tissue, liberating fat from storage, which is then eliminated by the lymphatic system or used for energy.

Invisa-RED also boosts your metabolism, so you have a heightened calorie burn following treatment and continue to burn fat for several hours after treatments.  Invisa-RED therapy complements the nutritional support and counseling you receive to help you achieve the physique you desire efficiently and effectively.

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