All of the treatments we provide at Mayfield Advanced Medical are aimed at changing your body. Rehabilitation is the most important of them all because it is what enables the changes to stay that way. An example that we often use with our patients relates to posture. Many of the problems we treat have a postural component; a person might not stand or sit straight enough, she may not have proper muscular balance around her shoulder, hip, neck, low back, jaw etc. However, if we just repositioned that body part and sent the patient on her way, as soon as another thought popped into her head, her posture would snap right back to where it was.

The same goes for a tight muscle or a stiff joint. As soon as you go back to doing what you normally do the way you normally do it, that joint or muscle is going right back to where it started. Unless, that is, you correct the movement pattern or habit that got you there.

This is what rehabilitation does. Rehab is more than just strengthening or stretching. Rehabilitation means you are changing how you move. Rehab taps into the deepest recesses of your movement: your brain. Rehabilitation is essential for recovery and healing, and is also essential to make sure that you, the patient, are NOT dependent on us, the providers, forever.