One thing we like to say at Mayfield Advanced Medical is the typical person needs at least two doctors. One doctor he sees when he is sick, and another type of doctor to see to keep him healthy. Most of us have a doctor we see when we are sick, but not many have one we see to keep us healthy.

What is the difference?

The United States healthcare system is the best in the world for treating diseases, cancer, and traumatic injuries. However, the most common diseases that we have today, obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and others need a different approach. These conditions are not caused by some infection or other sudden event. Instead they are caused by lifestyle factors, poor diet, low activity levels, and dozens of other causes that are unique to each individual. Because of the complexity of these conditions, they require more than medications and the superficial lifestyle advice of eat better and exercise more.

This is the kind of primary care that we offer at Mayfield Advanced Medical. If this is the type of healthcare that you want to experience, then becoming a member of our primary care family is the best move for your health. Call our office today at (318) 787-2708 to find out how you and your family can become a member of our Mayfield Advanced Medical family.