“I get a massage every week and I feel better for a few days, but then it goes right back to how I felt before the massage.”

“I was told you should never see a chiropractor without having a massage because the chiropractor only treats the joints, but the massage treats the muscles.”

These are statements that we hear quite often from our patients. They are both in part very true, and very common experiences. While massage therapy can help you to feel better when used in isolation, unless your problem is purely caused by tight muscles, a massage is unlikely to completely cure you. The same is true for chiropractic care, and just about everything else we do in our office, by the way. The reason we offer massage therapy at Mayfield Advanced Medical is because as a treatment, it integrates into what we are trying to accomplish with our patients. That is, it enables us to make the corrections necessary to our patients’ bodies to have lasting results, and not just temporary relaxation.