At Mayfield Advanced Medical, it is our goal to provide the very best in integrative health care. We treat the body as a whole, and do not believe that you can successfully treat any form of pain or disease without taking the whole person into account. This involves not only making sure the body is working well mechanically, but also chemically. What you put into your body can have a profound effect on how well your body works and how well you feel.

We also recognize that every patient has different goals and desires for his or her personal health. We are willing to work with you and your goals to provide you the best outcome you desire.

Our team will come up with a treatment plan that will get you on the path to recovery. We understand that you have a busy and hectic schedule that often does not leave time for much else, and we want to get your body well again so that you can get back to doing the things that you love to do. Whether you are a competitive athlete, a weekend warrior, or just somebody who loves to play with your grandchildren or work in your garden, the doctors at Mayfield Advanced Medical can help you reach all your goals.

“Create what you wish existed.”

This is the inspiration behind many entrepreneurs and many of the largest companies around today. This simple sentence is behind the founding of Mayfield Advanced Medical. We opened our doors in Alexandria, Louisiana in June, 2011 as Mayfield Chiropractic Alexandria, a chiropractic office. From these beginnings, Mayfield Advanced Medical was born out of necessity; we wanted to create what we wished existed in Louisiana. Our mission is to create the type and quality of healthcare for our patients that we would want for our families: holistic, comprehensive, conservative, sustainable, efficient and effective treatments with a focus on putting service back in healthcare.